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Phil Keppel

Phil Keppel
Originally from Allentown, PA, my family and I have been living in Burbank for over 15 years. I'm married, with three sons and two dogs that do their best to keep us all busy.

I am proud to be a Realtor, love the process of real estate and being an integral part of one of lifes biggest adventures! I am always honored to help people find their long-term home or sell their property for the most money. I keep in touch with my past clients and many have become close personal friends. I strive to do things the right way since it is my hope to sell my clients a lifetime worth of homes rather than just one.

Some of my experience and qualifications include working for Lennar Homebuilders and years of construction experience, including my own kitchen and house remodels. I use this knowledge to help my buyers assess the homes they are considering, and for my sellers, I help highlight their properties best features before listing their homes.

I embrace and understand the importance of technology. All of my homes are advertised on today's major social media websites and phone apps including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, & LinkedIn. To assist my buyers, I offer my own phone app where they can map search any area and then directly send me messages for further information! Successful real estate is no longer about signs in the front yard and ads in the newspaper. Today's buyers want to use their phones and computers to find their next home and I embrace new technology to help facilitate the process.

Overall, I am dedicated to guiding and protecting my buyers/sellers throughout the entire real estate process. I strive to give them the knowledge they need to make empowered decisions. Don't settle for just being a number with a local real estate mill. Let my knowledge and skills guide you. I humbly ask for your business and would be honored to be your trusted real estate partner. Thank you for the opportunity.